Our empowered culture allows our people to own and be accountable for their decisions, and our emphasis on teaching and learning helps people grow as the company grows.

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Zumiez was founded in Seattle in 1978 as a single store called Above the Belt. The empowered and collaborative culture instilled by founder Tom Campion has made the company's sustained, profitable growth a way of life. Today, Zumiez has grown to over 600 locations in the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico, and has become a global leader in specialty retail.

This growth is the product of hard work and strong leadership from people who thrive on high expectations, support each other's development, and strive to set and achieve aggressive goals with their teams. If you're a fit for the culture, see if you're a fit for any of our current openings.

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Pick your playlist and start selling the hottest brands in street wear and action sports. Once you hit the floor, you will progress through training that will take you places you never thought possible.


Join a team of empowered efficiency experts in picking, packing, and shipping the world's best product from our center in Corona, CA to a nationwide store system.

Customer Care

Spend your day making someone else's. Customer Care represents the brand on the front lines every day, delivering brand-right customer experiences and exceeding customer expectations.

Home Office

Our empowered and collaborative culture has made the company's sustained, profitable growth a way of life. Home Office employees are entrusted with high levels of ownership and challenged to grow, succeed, and support the development of their peers.

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